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Specialty Items & PUP Cakes

Tramisu Cakes:

8"-$45.00 (feeds 8-10)

9"-$55.00 (feeds 10-12)

10"-$65.00 (Feeds 12-16)


Chocolate Dipped Strawberries:

(Available by the Dozen)

$35.00 per Dozen 

$45.00 per Dozen for Alcohol Filled

*Optional Booze or Prosecco Filled

*Customized Colors & Sparkles

*Beautifully Packaged & Guaranteed to Impress

*Perfect for Gift for a Wedding, Shower, Birthday, Bereavement, Holiday, or Any & All Occasions


Dog Bone Cakes:

(1 Size only)-$35.00

*Made From the Finest Ingredients For Your Special Family Member

*Includes Customized Message

*Choose From Peanut Butter Cream or Bacon Crunch Flavor

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